LEED Design Intent: Gold
The Project will be designed in accordance with the standards for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) standards for a goal of LEED Gold for the South Building and LEED Gold for the North Building.

Low Impact Development
Our parking garage does not go beneath C Street, therefore we will have the depth and volume of soil necessary to grow substantial street trees with large canopies.

Transit Oriented Development
Our proposal focuses the greatest density that both the site and the neighborhood can reasonably accommodate at an important transportation hub, and features a well-balanced mix of complementary uses that support a walkable and bike-able urban community.

Specific features include
• A 199 bike parking facility
• Car Share Program
• Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the parking garage
• Flexible Garage Design to share parking between users at different times of day

• Constructing buildings with recycled materials